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Thank you for your interest in public policy about chemicals in consumer products. This page provides a variety of documents, links and stories on the topic.

Information for Maine Policy Makers

Contaminated without Consent - 16-minute online video about the hidden risks of chemicals in the everyday products we use at home, work and school.

Toxic Chemicals, Health and Economy: A Guide for Candidates
- Summary of why candidates should care about these issues and what they should know (4-page PDF).

What do household products have to do with school funding?
- Short informational piece (PDF).

What do beach balls have to do with your annual check up? - Short informational piece (PDF).

What does your shopping list have to do with brain development? - Short informational piece (PDF).

What do Maine potatoes have to do with office cubicles? - Short informational piece (PDF).

Current Issues and Stories

EPA fails to collect chemical safety data - Despite a decade of promises, virtually no safety information is available on even the most commonly used chemicals (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel).

Web Sites

Collaborative on Health and the Environment - Information on environmental links to particular diseases and disorders.

Learning and Developmental Disabilities Initiative - Collaborative effort to
address concerns about the impact environmental pollutants may have on healthy brain development.

Green Chemistry Journal - Publishing cutting-edge research that reduces the environmental impact of the chemical enterprise by developing alternative sustainable technologies.

Fooling with Nature - Bill Moyers' PBS special about how man-made chemicals in the environment are affecting wildlife and humans.

Trade Secrets - Bill Moyers' PBS special examines how, for several decades, chemical companies have violated the public's right to know about exposures to hazardous chemicals.


Scientific Consensus Statement on Environmental Agents Associated with Neurodevelopmental Disorders
(37-page PDF document - Developed by the Collaborative on Health and the Environment’s Learning and Developmental Disabilities Initiative)

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