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Are toxic chemicals putting your family at risk?
CNN - 5/31/2012. 
Special column by Senator Frank R. Lautenberg, Champion of the Safe Chemicals Act
Flame Retardants: Do We Need to Worry?
Environmental Health News - 5/31/2012. 
Harmful chemicals are showing up in everything from peanut butter to meat and fish.
Maine activists rally for tougher chemical standards
Portland Press Herald - 5/29/2012. 
Delegation joins the Stroller Brigade at the U.S. Capitol and meets with Maine congresspeople.
Moms' exposure to PAHs at work raises risk of rare birth defect
Environmental Health News - 5/24/2012. 
Babies born to mothers exposed in early pregnancy to pollutants in the workplace may have a higher risk of an umbilical cord defect called gastroschisis, a condition where the baby's organs poke out of the gut. This is the first study to establish a link between this birth defect and PAHs, which mainly come from combustion of fossil fuels.
Maine moms head to D.C. to fight toxic chemicals
The Coastal Journal - 5/24/2012. 
On May 21, a bus filled with Maine women departed on a trip to Washington D.C. to meet with senators Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins seeking support for the Safe Chemicals Act. The women ranged in age from college students to grandmothers, but all shared a mission: To fight the use of toxic chemicals in everyday products.
BPA Replacement Permeates Paper Products
Chemical & Engineering News - 5/23/2012. 
Concerns about the health effects of bisphenol A have led manufacturers to produce and market BPA-free products. However, a new study has found that one of the compounds that replaces BPA is just as prevalent in paper products and could lead to significant human exposure (Environ. Sci. Technol., DOI: 10.1021/es300876n). Because of these results, the scientists who performed the study say that toxicology research is desperately needed on the BPA alternative.
Toxic Flame Retardants: Why Does Kids’ Exposure Vary by Race and Socioeconomics?
Time - 5/23/2012. 
A new study finds that despite equal levels of chemicals in their homes, nonwhite toddlers had more exposure to flame retardant toxins than their white peers.
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