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People deserve protection from toxic chemicals
Lewiston Sun Journal - 3/31/2013. 
OpEd by Abigail King - We are all immersed in a toxic soup where we live, work, eat and play. The cumulative effect of these toxic chemicals on us, and on the plants and animals that share our planet, is huge.
OSHA Emphasizes Safety while Health Risks Fester
New York Times - 3/31/2013. 
Chronic ailments caused by toxic workplace air - black lung, stonecutter’s disease, asbestosis, grinder’s rot, pneumoconiosis - incapacitate more than 200,000 workers in the United States annually. More than 40,000 Americans die prematurely each year from exposure to toxic substances at work - 10 times as many as those who die from the refinery explosions, mine collapses and other accidents that grab most of the news media attention.
Legislature readies for another conflict over BPA and babies’ health
ACHM Announcements - 3/27/2013. 
(AUGUSTA) For the second time in two years the Maine Legislature will be asked to referee a fight that pits moms, physicians, and health scientists against a national chemical industry coalition and Governor Paul LePage.
Lautenberg applauds new EPA risk assessments of chemicals found in furniture, detergents, and other consumer products
Sen. Lautenberg Press Office - 3/27/2013. 
Washington, D.C. - U.S. Senator Frank R. Lautenberg (D-NJ) today applauded the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for initiating risk assessments on 20 flame retardants and three other chemicals found in everyday consumer products.
Today’s Smorgasbord of Ag Chemicals Poses Special Risks to Children’s Health
Mercola - 3/27/2013. 
By Dr. Joseph Mercola - It can no longer be denied that environmental chemicals are having a significant impact on human health, and that impact even starts while you’re still in the womb.
NRDC Report: More than 10,000 Pesticides Approved by Flawed EPA Process
Natural Resources Defense Council - 3/27/2013. 
A two-year investigation by the Natural Resources Defense Council has found that the federal government has potentially threatened the public’s health by improperly using a regulatory loophole to approve many untested or under-tested toxic pesticides.
Building a toxic-free future
Bangor Daily News - 3/27/2013. 
Letter by Angela Olson Hart - When I learned that the chemical bisphenol-A is found right in the lining of baby food jars and cans of food marketed directly to kids, I was shocked. Why would someone knowingly distribute products containing something so harmful?
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