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Like a guest that won't leave, BPA lingers in the human body (Scientific American, 1/28/09)

Hairspray linked to birth defect (BBC News, 11/21/08)

Lessen your baby's toxic load (Part 2): Clothing (Natural News, 11/13/08)

Lessen your baby's toxic load (Part 1): Diapers (Natural News, 11/13/08)

Tips to avoid Bisphenol A exposure (Environmental Working Group, October 2008)

Why cancer's gaining on us (Boston Globe, 10/27/08)

Lead researcher on Bisphenol A study accepts $5 million (Natural News, 10/24/08)

Pesticides may damage human brain development (Reuters UK, 10/24/08)

Canada to Ban Bisphenol A in Baby Bottles, US Urged to Follow (Environment News Service, 10/22/08)

More Bad News About Bisphenol A: It Interferes with Chemotherapy Treatments (, 10/9/08)

Reducing your exposure to PBDEs in your home (Environmental Working Group, 10/7/08)

Exposure to chemical may affect genitals of baby boys (USA Today, 10/2/08)

Is Bisphenol A in Canned Pet Food Linings A Concern For Pets? (Natural News, 10/2/08)

Adolescent exposures to cosmetic chemicals of concern (Environmental Working Group, September 2008)

California launches broad effort to control hazardous chemicals (Los Angeles Times, 9/29/08)

The Goods, the Bad, and the Ugly: California enacts new laws to reduce toxicity of consumer goods (Grist, 9/29/08)

Workplaces allowed higher levels of carcinogens (The Record -, 9/16/08)

More Evidence That BPA Found In Clear Plastics Impairs Brain Function (Medical News Today, 9/4/08)

Fire retardant levels three times higher in toddlers than moms (Environmental Working Group, 9/4/08)

The dangers of flame retardants (Today Show Video, 9/4/08)

Chemists and chemical engineers will be providing the thousands of technologies needed to achieve a more sustainable world (Chemical & Engineering News, 8/18/08)

Lawmakers agree to ban toxins in childrens' items (Washington Post, 7/29/08)

U.S. rushes to change workplace toxin rules (Washington Post, 7/23/08)

Antibacterial Agent No Better Than Soap & Water ­ and It's Toxic (Common Dreams, 7/17/08)

The truth about plastics (Time Magazine, 7/10/08)

Controversy over fire-retardants (CBS News, 5/20/08)

Pyrethrin chemicals in pet shampoo may increase autism risk (The Times [U.K.], 5/15/08)

Toxic chemicals in consumer products: latest scare isn’t the last (Minneapolis-St Paul Star Tribune, 5/6/08)

EPA chemical-review process sucks, says GAO (Grist 4/29/08)

It's not easy being green: two families test their lifestyles (, 4/21/08)

Nalgene dumps estrogenic ingredient (Grist, 4/18/08)

Canada likely to label plastic ingredient toxic (New York Times, 4/16/08)

Chemical in plastic may harm human growth (Los Angeles Times, 4/16/08)

Health Canada Bisphenol A announcement imminent (CBC News, 4/15/08)

Health Canada primed to declare Bisphenol A toxic (Grist, 4/15/08)

Ignore self-serving industry studies and ban plastics chemical (The Mercury News, 4/14/08)

States vie to attract clean-tech industries (Christian Science Monitor, 4/11/08)

Studies that support use of Bisphenol A called into question (Globe and Mail [Toronto], 4/5/08)

Simplifying the pesticides risk equation: the organic option (The Organic Center, March 2008)

A turn to alternative chemicals (The New York Times, 3/26/08)

States alter rules of game on safety for toymakers (Wall Street Journal, 3/25/08)

The case against phthalates in children's toys (The Huffington Post, 3/24/08)

The autoimmune epidemic: bodies gone haywire in a world out of balance (AlterNet, 3/19/08)

Arsenic in children's organic pear juice puzzles investigators (Ottawa Citizen, 3/19/08)

Got chemical and pesticide residues in your milk? (Grist, 3/13/08)

Senate passes consumer safety bill that would reduce toxics in toys (Grist, 3/6/08)

Experts warn of environmental contaminants ( [Seattle], 2/20/08)

Perchlorate in food (Environmental Science & Technology, 2/13/08)

Polyvinyl Want an Attacker? (Grist, 2/13/08)

Baby bottles leach toxic chemical (Center for Health, Environment & Justice, 2/7/08)

Study finds high levels of chemicals in infants using baby products (Los Angeles Times, 2/4/08)

Study sees hazards in baby powder and lotion (The Washington Post, 2/4/08)

Nalgene bottles pulled from shelves (Organic Consumers Association, 1/9/08)

Buyers at risk: Christmas season of toxic recalls (AlterNet, 12/19/07)

All I want for Christmas are some lead-free toys (AlterNet, 12/5/07)

Health risks of bisphenol A (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/2/07)

Early puberty's toxic causes and effects (San Francisco Bay Guardian, 11/21/07)

We can't shop our way to safety (AlterNet, 11/16/07)

Is it in us? Toxic trespass, regulatory failure and opportunities for action (, 11/8/07)

I'll have my cosmetics with a side of infertility, please (, 10/25/07)

Good food, dangerous packaging (, 10/25/07)

What's in your furniture? It's enough to make you sick (San Francisco Chronicle, 10/24/07)

Tests reveal high chemical levels in kids' bodies (CNN, 10/22/07)

The toxic chemistry of everyday products and what's at stake for American power (New book by Mark Schapiro, Chelse Green Publishing, September 2007)

Why are 80% of U.S. schools still using toxic pesticides? (Organic Consumers Association, 8/16/07)

The toxic chemistry of everyday products (AlterNet, 8/15/07)

Low birth weight linked to chemicals in consumer products (Organic Consumers Association, 8/15/07)

Kick the can: toxic, hormone-disrupting chemicals leaching from food can liners (Ecology Center, 08/08)

Chemicals in plastics may harm unborn babies (The Telegraph (U.K.), 7/31/07)

Pesticide link to autism suspected (Los Angeles Times, 7/30/07)

Eat fish, or avoid it? Scientists weigh in (Portland Press Herald, 7/24/07)

There's BDE in your britches (Grist, 7/19/07)

Hair tests detect higher mercury levels in anglers (7/18/07)

Does plastic make us fat? (, 7/16/07)

Pollution risks to people slip through nets in tests on fish (Guardian (U.K.), 7/13/07)

PVC packaging violates state laws (Organic Consumers Association, 7/10/07)

Green Chemistry: Changing an industry (, 7/9/07)

Correlation between ag chemicals and fetal impacts (The New Farm, 6/15/07)


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Study: contaminant-caused diseases costly (Portland Press Herald, 2/6/09)

Children’s illnesses from pollutants cost Mainers $380 million (Bangor Daily News, 2/5/09)

Research Finds High Costs of Environmentally-related Diseases (Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 2/6/09)

Advocates call for regulation of plastic used in baby items (Portland Press Herald, 9/17/08)

Mainers call for restriction on plastic additive (Portland Press Herald, 9/16/08)

Message in a bottle: "Get Bishpenol A Out Of Baby Bottles!" (Alliance For A Clean And Healthy Maine, 9/16/08)

Congress agrees to ban reproductive toxin from children's products - Phthalates detected in people and toys in Maine (7/29/08)

Maine group targeting car toxins (, 7/23/08)

Is your child's car seat toxic? (NRCM Blog, 7/22/08)

New Maine law keeps poisons at bay (Elisa Boxer Op Ed in Portland Press Herald, 6/12/08)

New low in chemical pollution (Portland Press Herald, 6/11/08)

Maine anti-toxics activists shift attention to DC (Portland Press Herald, 5/20/08)

Plastics from spuds gets funding (Bangor Daily News, 5/20/08)

Is a fire-retardant harmful? (CBS News, 5/19/08)

New Maine law restricts lead in toys (Boston Globe, 5/5/08)

New Maine law bans lead in toys (, 5/5/08)

Don't waste Earth Day (Editorial in Bangor Daily News, 4/22/08)

LD 2048 Passes With Overwhelming Support From Maine Legislators (ACHM Press Release, 4/16/08)

Group pressures state to ban toxic products (Bangor Daily News, 4/8/08)

Parents want chemicals controlled in children's products (, 4/7/08)

Maine Lab Finds Reproductive Toxins Known as Phthalates at Very High Levels in Children’s Products (ACHM Press Release, 4/7/08)

Playing with toxins (Editorial in Bangor Daily News, 3/27/08)

Health professionals say Maine can do better (Portland Press Herald, 3/25/08)

Support bill protecting kids from toxic chemicals (Editorial in Morning Sentinel, 3/14/08)

Toxic stew poisoning our birds, ourselves (Kennebec Journal, 3/12/08)

Rachel Carson's bond with Maine (Catherine Schmitt Op-Ed in Bangor Daily News, 3/11/08)

Toxic pollutants found in eggs of Maine birds (Portland Press Herald, 3/11/08)

Toxicologist helps Maine revise policies - Bush administration heeds American Chemistry Council request, bumps Rice from EPA panel (Hannah Pingree Op-Ed in Morning Sentinel, 3/5/08)

Evaluating hazardous consumer products (Jody Spear Op-Ed in Bangor Daily News, 3/5/08)

Advocates' giant duck highlights need for toy safety (, 3/4/08)

Researcher forced off toxics panel (Portland Press Herald, 3/1/08)

Legislators told of need to track toxic chemicals (Portland Press Herald, 2/29/08)

Group backs bill against chemicals in toys (Bangor Daily News, 2/29/08)

Maine to consider tracking toxins in toys, products (Portland Press Herald, 2/27/08)

DEP sheds light on bulb dangers (Portland Press Herald, 2/26/08)

We need to protect our children (Mike Belliveau Op-Ed in Central Maine Newspapers, 2/24/08)

Unsafe chemical found in baby bottles (Bangor Daily News, 2/8/08)

Heated baby bottles leach chemical (Village Soup, 2/8/08)

Study finds chemical in baby bottles (Portland Press Herald, 2/7/08)

Radio story on bisphenol A in baby bottles (Maine Public Radio, 2/7/08)

Maine Parents Demand Action on Toxins in Baby Bottles (ACHM Press Release, 2/7/08)

Toy gardening rakes are recalled due to excessive levels of lead in paint (UPI, 2/5/08)

U.S. needs better oversight on chemicals in our toys (Bettyann Sheats Op-Ed in Lewiston Sun Journal, 1/27/08)

Green coalition touts goals (Kennebec Journal, 1/25/08)

Tainted toys prompt new legislative bill (Bangor Daily News, 1/11/08)

Public health official concerned about mercury levels in Maine environment (Lincoln County News, 1/2/08)

Chemical gap [in U.S. Toxics Release Inventory] (Editorial in Bangor Daily News, 12/27/07)

Vigilance necessary when choosing children's toys (Jerry Longcore Op-Ed in Bangor Daily News, 12/21/07)

Baldacci targets toxic chemicals (Portland Press Herald, 12/18/07)

Governor receives final report on toxic chemicals (Kennebec Journal, 12/18/07)

Chemical panel hands in report (Bangor Daily News, 12/18/07)

Toy time: playing it safe for Christmas (Kennebec Journal, 12/9/07)

Governor receives safer chemicals report (Governor Baldacci's Office, 12/17/07)

Final Report of Governor Baldacci's Task Force to Promote Safer Chemicals in Consumer Products

Take the next step in toxic product reform (Rep. Hannah Pingree Op-Ed in Bangor Daily News, 12/14/07)

Concerns about safety of toys taint holiday season (Rep. Jill Conover Op-Ed in Kennebec Journal, 12/14/07)

Toy troubles (

Families have toys tested for toxins (Portland Press Herald, 12/6/07)

Website helps parents select safe toys (Bangor Daily News, 12/6/07)

Group launches website warning parents of toxic toys (, 12/5/07)

Green ideas go under microscope (Portland Press Herald, 10/16/07)

Safe products top list of baby presents (Amanda Sears Special to Portland Press Herald, 8/26/07)

Toxic chemicals inside us are a nightmare we can end (Nancy Ross Op-Ed in Portland Press Herald, 7/22/07)

When cook is finished, clean it green (Portland Press Herald, 7/18/07)

Chemical testing results startling (Ashley Zook Op-Ed in Bangor Daily News, 7/2/07)

Better living thru TSCA (Editorial in Bangor Daily News, 6/25/07)

Chemical chimera (Liz Soares Column in Kennebec Journal, 6/23/07)

More stores should post signs warning about fish (Kennebec Journal, 6/20/07)

Mainers need chemicals policy (Voice of the People, Portland Press Herald, 6/16/07)

Consumer toxins (MaineWatch Interview, 6/15/07)

Hazardous chemicals crop up in unlikely people (Village Soup, 6/14/07)

Frightening findings (Editorial in Village Soup, 6/13/07)

Environmental group sounds alarm about toxic chemicals (WCSH-TV. 6/12/07)

Study in Maine finds modern living carries toxic price (Morning Sentinel, 6/12/07)

Study shows everyday items expose all of us to pollutants (Kennebec Journal, 6/12/07)

Study finds 36 toxic chemicals in bodies of Mainers tested (Portland Press Herald, 6/12/07)

Toxins found in systems of 13 Mainers (Lewiston Sun-Journal, 6/12/07)

Tests on 13 Mainers find industrial chemicals (Bangor Daily News, 6/12/07)

Ashes, ashes (American Chronicle, 6/12/07)

UM Study eyes potatoes as source of plastics (Bangor Daily News, 6/6/07)

You see potato, they see potential, as a bioplastic (Portland Press Herald, 6/6/07)

Opportunities seen for Maine in making potatoes into plastics (Associated Press, 6/6/07)

Maine potatoes could be used to make plastic (, 6/5/07)

Rachel Carson's legacy endures (Portland Press Herald, 5/27/07)

Maine to phase out flame retardant (Portland Press Herald, 5/25/07)

Measure to ban Deca advances in Augusta (Bangor Daily News, 5/18/07)

Ban chemicals found in baby bottles, toys. (Op-Ed by Representative John Hinck, Portland Press Herald, 5/2/07)

So Young. So Toxic. (Lewiston Sun Journal, 4/29/07)

Legislative committee backs ban on deca. (Bangor Daily News, 4/26/07)

Volunteers take to streets to warn of lead paint risk (Portland Press Herald, 4/21/07)

Protect health, not a cash cow [brominated flame retardants] (Op-Ed by Sharon Tisher. Bangor Daily News, 4/20/07)

Ad blitz targets proposed flame retardants ban (Portland Press Herald, 4/19/07)

Questions about Deca should lead to a ban (Portland Press Herald, 4/11/07)

Industry ad ignites Deca bill backers (Bangor Daily News, 4/10/07)

Bill to ban fire retardant debated by lawmakers (Bangor Daily News, 4/6/07)

State should ban flame retardant (Kennebec Journal, 3/26/07)

ME & NH peregrines have highest levels of Deca ever reported (Natural Resources Council of Maine, 3/21/07)


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