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Will the Maine DEP meet
the deadline to
protect children
and pregnant women
from toxic phthalates?

What are Phthalates?
These toxic chemicals (they're pronounced "THAL-ates") are probably present in your home and in your body. They are used in soft vinyl plastics, such as kids' lunch boxes, shower curtains, and rain jackets. They’re also hidden behind the word "fragrance", where they end up in cosmetics, lotions, and other personal care products. Phthalates disrupt testosterone and thyroid hormones and have been linked to serious human health issues, including asthma, allergies, learning and behavior problems, and even birth defects to male sex organs and sperm damage.

Our Citizen-Backed Proposal
Right now, retailers and consumers are left in the dark as to which products contain toxic phthalates. Our simple solution is to require manufacturers to disclose their use of phthalates in consumer products, making this information available publicly for the first time.

Will the DEP meet their January 27th deadline to protect children and pregnant women from toxic phthalates?

On May 14th 2014, the Alliance for a Clean and Healthy Maine submitted a petition with over 2,000 citizen signatures to the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), requiring the DEP to consider our proposal on phthalates.

Petition signers came from 168 towns representing every county of Maine. Signers included 125 legislators – Republicans, Democrats, and independents.

The DEP held a public hearing in July and over 70 parents, health professionals, and business owners spoke in favor of the rule – no one spoke against. In fact, the DEP has received over 1600 comments from Maine people in support of the proposed rule and only 4 comments in opposition (all from out-of-state chemical industry representatives).

Now the DEP has until January 27th to affirm or reject the citizen-initiated phthalates rule.

What does our petition actually say?

Our citizen-initiated petition now before Maine DEP calls for two actions:

• Prioritize phthalates for action: Elevate 4 types of phthalates to "priority chemical" status under Maine's Kid Safe Products Act. That makes it possible to take action to protect Maine families from phthalates in consumer products.

• Right-to-know: Require that manufacturers report their use of these 4 phthalates to the public so that parents and consumers can know more about which products are safe.

Tell the DEP the clock is ticking
to finalize the citizen-initiated phthalates rule!

We all have a right to know if our products contain dangerous chemicals!

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